Despite our best efforts to pack everything perfect, sometimes products might arrive damaged. It’s very important that any damages are reported within 5 days!

If we don’t report damages within these 5 days, our insurance doesn’t cover anything. Please, always check your products immediatly upon arrival!

Please use the form below to report any damages and provide us with all the pictures requiered by our shipping agency (see below).



    Damages on outer box

    Be sure to include any visible damages to the outer box, as well as the shipping label. If there’s more than one side with visible damages, please include all sides on the pictures.

    Opened packaged with contents

    Try to shoot this picture from above with the padding and contents clearly visible. It might be that you have to remove the top layer of padding to have the contents visible. If that’s the case, try to show that there was padding on thop, as shown in the picture.

    Padding and protection

    We’ll always use padding and protector for our items. Even unbreakable items like clothing and bags will be held in place by padding. Please provide a picture of all the padding used in your package.

    Damaged item (wide shot)

    Be sure to include the entire item, still showing the damages, if possible. It’s important that our shipping company can make out what the item is.

    Damaged item close-up

    A close-up photo of the actual damages. If there’s more than one, or one side, please provide several photos.

    Shipping label close-up

    Please be sure to check if all the information is clearly visible. Your addres and the barcode should be clear to read.